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When and where to watch Nikhil and Anupama Parameswaran’s Telugu Rom-Com, 18 pages OTT

The romantic comedy “18 Pages” in Telugu is about to make its online streaming debut. The movie, which starred Nikhil Siddharth and Anupama Parameswaran in key roles, was released in theatres on December 23, 2022, to generally positive reviews from both critics and audiences.

The story of 18 pages centers on Nandini, a young person with short-term memory loss who enjoys keeping a diary of her life. But when she misplaces her diary, a young man discovers it. He goes out to find the person he reads about because he is drawn to her.

18 Pages, directed by Surya Pratap, also stars Dinesh Tej, Ajay, Posani Krishna Murali, Brahmaji, Sarayu Roy, Raj Tirandasu, Mounika Reddy, and Goldie Nissy. The OTT version of 18 pages will debut this coming Monday, January 27, 2023. AHA Video and Netflix will both offer the movie for viewing.

On January 27, 2023, 18 pages will be available on both Netflix and AHA videos.

Actress Sarayu, who also had a significant part in 18 Pages, recently talked about how the movie gave her more self-confidence. “People liked the Baaghi character. Calls from friends, family members, and other people are flooding in. This opportunity resulted from my YouTube videos. I couldn’t believe it when I received a call from a major production firm like Geetha Arts. “I went to the audition after that and was selected,” the actor continued.

Making YouTube videos is different from producing a film, but working with Nikhil was an amazing experience. Sarayu said in an interview with Telugu Cinema that he was always there to reassure her that she was a talented performer if she ever felt anxious on set.

“People regarded me as a YouTuber before 18 pages.” I used to perform adult comedies, but everyone was taken aback when they saw Sarayu in all of her varied colors. “In just 18 pages, I think I managed to surprise everyone with some great comedy,” the actor was quoted as saying in the interview.

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