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Watch Appealing & Youthful ‘Virgin Story’ Trailer

Vikram Sahidev’s character receives a lucrative offer in the teaser for ‘Virgin Story.’ Because he is so cute, a young girl wants to make out with him. In the youthful rom-com, the effects of infatuation and pre-marital sex appear to have been dealt with in a new-age approach. The film is directed by Pradip Atluri and has the tagline “Wild Parties with Freaky Friends equals Amazing Memories.” As the break-up song demonstrates, the film isn’t wholly lighthearted.

There is a diverse cast of young characters, each with their own set of values. “Everyone just wants stability, not love,” explains a young man. A group of teenagers incurs the wrath of the moral police, but they are backed up by a woman who claims that grownups do not need to seek anyone’s approval for consensual sex.

Watch Virgin Story Trailer Here

After being rejected by her first boyfriend, the female protagonist develops a free spirit. “It’s time for us to give the lads, who think we’re nothing more than numbers, a lesson,” her friend announces.

Sireesha Lagadapati is the film’s producer. ‘Virgin Story,’ which also stars Sowmika, Rishika, and others, with music by Achu Rajamani. Anish Tharun Kumar did the cinematography, while Garry BH did the editing.

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