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Venu, the director of Balagam, started preparing for his upcoming movie.

Director Venu Yeldandi established his brand with the movie Balagam and earned a great deal of support from the public and the film industry. He has now formally declared that writing has started on his second movie. Reports claim that Dil Raju, who previously produced Balagam, produced this movie as well.

It was previously claimed that Balagam director Venu planned to make a significant movie with Dil Raju serving as producer once more. The movie was hailed as a crowd-pleaser. It was even said that a senior hero would play the movie’s main character. However, nothing has been formally announced, and we hope that filmmaker Venu Yeldandi will once again produce a decent movie like Balagam.

With “Balagam,” the well-known Telugu comedian Venu made his directorial debut. Priyadarshi and Kavya Kalyanram played key roles in the movie. A small Telangana hamlet serves as the setting for this tale, which centers on the life of Gajula Komurayya’s family while delving into issues of superstition, tradition, and human emotions.

The movie, which received several international prizes, not only captured hearts in India but also around the world. Another irrefutable fact is that Balagam is among the year’s most thought-provoking pictures.

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