Truth of RGV

Ram Gopal Varma Press Note

Is the truth behind Viveka’s murder or a lie?

My “Truth” channel started with the episode

“The main purpose of the “Truth” channel that I am going to start is to unmask the lies. Only when the unmasking is thrown away, the full naked face of the truth will emerge.To try to kill the truth is the lie that lives.. No one can kill the truth. But truth sometimes pretends to be dead. .. One day the tide will come from behind while those who are deceived by it and tell lies that they are dead, dance with joy.

Logical thinking is the only tool to attack the truth.. By analysis, by technology, by circum stances, above all by concentrating on motive, truth can be saved from falsehood.”Truth” channel includes not only political controversies but also some current situations, science, history, artificial intelligence, sex, philosophy, police, crime, legal positions and many other topics.

In each episode about them, apart from myself, various experts, thinkers and researchers analyze different topics.Sometimes I am with them, sometimes Swapna garu is with them, sometimes they are with them, sometimes they are with someone else, so everyone who respects the truth has a special place reserved for them under the umbrella of this truth channel.

The first episode of “Truth” channel “Is there a lie behind Viveka’s murder?”The main purpose of the “Truth” channel is to unearth all the lies behind Viveka’s murder, the truths behind those who tell those lies, the false truths that others are spreading behind those truths, and the true lies that are forced on everyone’s scalp by their superiors.

Is the truth behind Viveka’s murder a lie? The episode will be released on 25th at 4 pm.

As “truth”.Ram Gopal Varma

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