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The trailer for “Ugram” by Allari Naresh promises a thrilling voyage through action and suspense.

Today, April 21, saw the release of the eagerly anticipated “Ugram” trailer, which has fans ecstatic. The movie, which was directed by Vijay Kanakamedala, stars actress Mirnaa in a major role. Indraja, Sharath Lohithaswa, Shatru, Srinivas Sai, Manikanta Varanasi, Naga Mahesh, Ramesh Reddy, and Baby Uha Reddy are other members of the ensemble cast.

The tone of the film’s trailer suggests an explosive action thriller. Allari Naresh portrays a vicious cop who will do whatever it takes to uphold justice for the average person. The trailer begins with Naresh’s car flying through the air, then shows a scenario in which a number of city residents—including his wife and child—go missing. The police officer discovers that there is more to the case than initially appears.

The teaser features some heart-pounding action scenes as well as a furious and vengeful Naresh, who transforms into a beast and attacks everyone in his path. The police officer is indomitable in his pursuit of justice and is adamant about finishing the case he was given many years ago. The audience is on the edge of their seats as the teaser teases an action junkie’s dream feast.

The soundtrack was written by Sri Charan Pakala, while Chota K. Prasad edited the movie. Toom Venkat wrote the narrative, and Abburi Ravi wrote the dialogue. Brahma Kadali is the production designer, Siddharth J is the cameraman, and Kilari Lakshmi Sree is the costume designer.

Overall, ‘Ugram’ appears to be a good movie that will appeal to aficionados of the action genre. With a talented cast and crew and a compelling plot, the movie is guaranteed to keep viewers interested and amused. The anticipation has definitely increased thanks to the trailer. On May 5, the movie will open in theatres around the world.

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