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The Ravanasura trailer is expected to be brutal

Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja will star in the action-thriller Ravanasura, which will be produced by RT Teamworks and Abhishek Films under the direction of Sudheer Varma. There are five main female characters in the film, and Sushanth will play a significant part.

After captivating everyone with a riveting teaser, the production team revealed that the movie’s trailer would be released on March 28. It is clear from the announcement banner that the Ravanasura trailer will be violent.

A large shadow of Goddess Justitia can be seen behind Ravi Teja as he holds a rifle in his hand. As he casts a hard glance, he appears strong. The witness stand and other components of the courtroom are set on fire.

Getting ready for release is Ravanasura on April 7th.

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