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The next blockbuster Telugu movie might be Nani’s Dasara.

Dasara is all you would anticipate from a typical masala film. But what distinguishes the movie is how first-time director Srikanth Odela handled the formulaic material and starred natural talent Nani.

The Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, and Kannada versions of the Telugu movie have been dubbed. The 156-minute movie also has Keerthy Suresh and Deekshith Shetty in significant parts. Together with the director Odela, the script was written by Jella Srinath, Arjuna Paturi, and Vamsi Krishna P.

The story takes place in Telangana in 1995, and it centers on the hamlet of Veerlapally, where alcohol flows freely. The men’s addictions extend beyond alcohol. It is embedded in their DNA. There are hardly any shots of drinking water. The notorious Silk Bar is the center of local activity. Yet, caste prejudice prevents many villagers from entering the bar.


In Veerlapally, Dharani (Nani), Suri (Deekshith Shetty), and Vennela (Keerthy Suresh) shared the same upbringing. Vennela works as a teacher at the rural school, but Dharani and Suri are always coated in soot because they gain money by stealing coal from moving trains.

The first half of the movie is gracefully dedicated to character development and an unnecessary love storyline. The drama shifts into fourth gear as a result of the gradual buildup to the intermission and a predictable plot twist that is executed in an unanticipated way. This prepares the audience for an exciting narrative of retribution in the second half.

The triumph of virtue over evil and the Hindu holiday Dussehra (Dasara in Telugu) flow throughout the movie like a background tune without being overpowering. Local politics around the Singareni coal mines and the bar’s symbolic leadership fuel the tension. It’s also admirable how Odela handles caste politics in a popular Telugu movie.

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