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The movie “Malli Pelli,” directed by Naresh and Pavitra Lokesh, examines how relationships can be complicated.

Since its announcement, the Telugu-Kannada bilingual movie Malli Pelli has generated buzz. The movie’s teaser, which offers a sneak peek at the captivating characters and plot, has just been released.

The lead actors in the MS Raju-directed film “Malli Pelli” are Naresh and Pavitra Lokesh. Vanitha Vijayakumar plays a crucial part in the movie as well. The trailer portrays Vanitha Vijayakumar’s Naresh as a man who cheats on his wife and embarks on a new adventure with Pavitra Lokesh. However, things change when Vanitha chooses to tell the media about Naresh’s actual nature.

The trailer paints Naresh as a complex figure, leaving viewers wondering who is good and who is bad and what specifically transpired in their lives. The lip-locking encounter between Naresh and Pavitra heightens the tension and mystery surrounding the picture. The teaser was cut by MS Raju in a way that sparks interest in the movie. The Suresh Bobbili and Aruldev-composed soundtrack enhance the teaser’s overall attractiveness. Overall, the ‘Malli Pelli’ teaser has increased anticipation for the movie, and viewers are eager to see how the plot plays out on the big screen.

The family film, titled Matthe Madhuve in Kannada, will be released as a bilingual in Telugu and Kannada. This summer, the movie is scheduled to be released. ‘Malli Pelli’ has a strong cast and crew and seems to be a riveting and enjoyable movie.

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