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The most valuable diamond in the world will be stolen by Pawan Kalyan.

As director Krish began to advertise the character as a legendary heroic outlaw, many are speculating as to what the real plot of Pawan Kalyan’s upcoming movie “Hari hara Veera Mallu” will be. The movie centres on Veeramallu’s epic battle with Aurangzeb the emperor and his infamous sister Roshanara Begum, who practically ruled all of India in the late 1660s. This information has already become public.

A fascinating rumour is now making the rounds, according to which Pawan Kalyan plays a pivotal role in the plot of HHVM by attempting to take renowned jewels like Kohinoor and Daria-i-noor from Aurangzeb’s throne and crown. In reality, little is known about Kohinoor’s early years; the first written accounts of him date from the savage looting of Delhi by the Iranian king Nader Shah in 1740, when both Kohinoor and the peacock throne were taken. They claim that Veeramallu attempting to take the Kohinoor from Aurangzeb’s possession is the central plot point of Krish’s lovely tale.

On the other hand, the movie contains fantastic naval battles and other scenes that will stand out, and the visual effects will give the entire setting more atmosphere. Bollywood superstar Bobby Deol will play Aurangzeb, and Nidhi Aggarwal will play Pawan Kalyan’s love interest. Keeravani’s incredible score will be

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