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Switching gears, Adivi Sesh signs a love story.

Due to the variety in his films, Adivi Sesh, an attractive and brilliant actor, has gained more popularity among movie stars. He has worked on a variety of projects, including biopics, crime dramas, suspense thrillers, and spy thrillers. He works hard to provide the Telugu audience with content that is distinct from what is typically presented.

With a filmography that includes titles like Kshanam, Goodachari, Evaru, Major, and HIT 2, it’s little surprise he discovered his niche. This time, to everyone’s amazement, he shifts gears and writes a love story. The sequel to his smash blockbuster movie “Goodachari,” “G2,” which is now in production, has received an update from Adivi Sesh. He announced the intriguing information regarding his next movie on Twitter.

After Goodachari 2, Sesh said his upcoming film will be a straightforward love narrative. All of his fans will have to wait a while, though, as the official announcement won’t come until after a few months. Sesh has kept the details of this project to himself and hasn’t even mentioned who will be directing the movie.

Sesh is now in production on the eagerly anticipated sequel to his critically acclaimed spy thriller, Goodachari. Vinay Kumar Sirigineedi, a debut director, was one of the editors of Sesh’s pan-Indian film Major.

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