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Surprisingly, Tholi Prema’s opening weekend is dwarfed by Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi’s re-release.

Tholi Prema, a beloved romantic drama starring Pawan Kalyan, became the newest movie to receive a second chance at success earlier this week. Powerstar fans and the general public have been calling for the re-release of this movie for almost a year. There is something in this movie for everyone, and Tholi Prema is a bouquet of feelings. Fans were excited to relive the past and see the legendary Pawan Kalyan, but the experience was underwhelming.

A cult classic in Pawan Kalyan’s filmography is Tholi Prema. The re-release has turned out to be a letdown because the movie has not received the expected amount of promotion. After all, it was purchased by a third party who was unable to do justice to the movie’s fan base.

There was little demand for the movie because it was only shown on a small number of screens. A broader re-release would have guaranteed a huge success for this occasion, even though Pawan Kalyan fans flocked to the screening everywhere it was held. The recent re-release of Ee Nagaraniki Emaindhi, in contrast, had far higher openers than this Pawan Kalyan and Keerthy Reddy film. More than three times as many ENE openings are predicted to occur as a result of the Tholiprema re-release.

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