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Surabhi 70mm: A Journey To Achieve Life Goal While Maintaining Relationships

The trailer of Surabhi 70mm, which was released by famous producer Suryadevara Nagavamsi, is creating a buzz in social media these days. Produced by the Bobbi Films and KK Chaitanya, the Surabhi 70mm with the tagline Goppa Prema Kutumba Hasya Katha is going to hit the screen on February 18, 2022. Director Gangadhar Y K Advaitha has directed the movie and Seshi Reddy Janga has co-producer the movie. The movie includes stars like Anil Kumar, Vinod Nagulapati, Ushanjali, Ashita, Sloka, Mahesh Yedlapalli,  Chandrakanth, Yogi, Avinash and more.

As per the title and the trailer of the movie, Surabhi 70mm movie revolves around a theater named Surabhi 70mm. During his journey of owning the Surabhi theater, Akshaya Srinivas faces many challenges. The movie is all about how he overcame the challenges in his journey of achieving the theater.

About Surabhi 70mm Movie Director: Gangadhara Y K Advytha

Gangadhara Y K Advaitha is a passionate movie maker who left his Bank Auditor job to achieve his dream of becoming a director. Initially, After completing his post-graduation in MBA and MA Journalism & Communication, he has worked for two short films named Manchi Neella Bavi and Sivoham. For these short films, he got many awards including American Film Association Award and Telangana Government Awards. After achieving success with his short films, Advaitha has worked for independent film Surabhi 70mm.

We, at Cinema World Masti, hope the Surabhi 70mm Movie will reach audience expectations and become a blockbuster.

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