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Singers Pay Tribute To Bappi Lahiri, The Legendary Music Composer

Mano and Sri Krishna Sai Kartheek, both Telugu vocalists, discuss Bappi Lahiri’s influence on their lives. Bappi Lahiri, the famed music composer, received tributes from a wide range of sources, including members of the cinema and political communities, who described him as a wizard and claimed his death had left a gap in the music business.

Bappi Lahiri, who made his Telugu film debut in actor Krishna’s first 70MM film Simhasanam (1986), has left an unforgettable imprint on listeners. Bappi influenced Telugu cinema with his brand of evocative music that embraced numerous genres as a composer and playback singer. His collaborations with Chiranjeevi in films like State Rowdy, Gang Leader, Rowdy Alludu, and Great Boss have been a success story among all the big performers he’s worked with.

His tunes have enchanted legions of music fans both in the Telugu States and around the world for decades. Chiki chiki chelam, Chiluka kshemama, Chukkala pallakilo, Boyavani vetaku, Prema geema, Aakasam lo oka taara, Arey O Samba, Aa poola rangu, Vaana vaana veyyuvaye, Dikki dikki, Musi musi navvulalona, and others continue to entice generations. The following is a list of Telugu film stars who remember Bappi Lahiri’s remarkable work.

Favorite of everyone

Bappi Lahiri has a keen sense of the audience’s pulse, and each of his songs has a distinct atmosphere and feel. Not only are the tunes lovely, but they’re also hummable. He made it a point to keep his compositions simple enough that even the most inexperienced singer could perform them. He popularised disco music and gave the Indian film business a new sound.  I first seen him in Vijayawada while I was in class X. I used to sing Yaar Bina Chain Kaha Re on repeat and was always curious about his sound approach. I’ve had the pleasure of recording over 15 songs for him in a variety of films.

After viewing him, my need for gold jewellery has grown. People started calling me ‘Andhra Bappi Lahiri’ because I started wearing gold chains, rings, and sunglasses like him. He used to come to my house in Chennai and consume sweets. I used to visit him on every trip to Mumbai. He made significant contributions to Indian music, and his untimely death leaves a gap that will be difficult to fill.

Mano – (Music composer, playback singer)

A fantastic composer

Bappi Lahiri garu was a well-known musician. He was one of the outstanding music composers who created a lasting effect in Telugu films after KV Mahadevan garu. With his one-of-a-kind tunes, he changed the game. S Thaman garu requested Bappi garu to sing Rum Pum Bum after he composed it for Disco Raja. My friend Rahul Ram flew to Mumbai the next day and completed the recording with Bappi garu in two days.

Despite the fact that I did not have the opportunity to record the song with Bappi garu, I am thrilled to share credit with him. Personally, my favourite songs from Chiranjeevi garu’s Gang Leader and State Rowdy are Aakasam lo oka tara (Simhasanam), Boyavani vetaku, Kunthi kumari (Rowdy Gari Pellam), and his other songs from Gang Leader and State Rowdy.. I’m saddened by his passing, and my condolences go out to his friends, family, and admirers.

Sri Krishna’s words (Playback singer)

An unrivalled history

Because of their peppy sound, all of his songs instantly struck a chord with the audience. In Pataas, I replicated Bappi Lahiri garu’s chart-topping song Arey O Samba (Rowdy Inspector). However, I only met him during the Action 3D recording sessions, for which he composed a song. Working with a legend like him, who was a synonym for commercial cinema, was an enriching experience.

He gushed over the orchestration I used in Action 3D, and I’ll never forget the moments I got to perform in front of him at the audio launch. He will be sorely missed, and his unrivalled legacy will live on long after he is gone.

Kartheek Sai

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