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Save the Tigers pre-release event happened hilariously.

The web series ‘Save the Tigers stars Priyadarshi, Abhinav Gomtam, Chaitanya Krishna, Pavani, Zordar Sujatha, and Devyani in the lead roles. This series is a collection of different stories between a husband and wife, which is going to be streamed on Disney Plus Hot Star from the 27th of this month. Already this series has increased hype among the audience. The pre-release function of Save the Tigers, which is coming as an out-and-out entertainer without falling short of their expectations, was held in Hyderabad.

Director Teja Kakumanu said on this occasion. ‘Everyone knows me as an actor. Thank you so much to the directors who gave me a chance as an actor and to the actors who gave me a chance to be a director. I started my career with the direction department. I have worked in the direction team for all the films made by Pradeep Advaita. He asked me to direct this story written by him. Thanks to Pradeep Anna for the rest of my life on this occasion. Also, I would like to thank another creator, Mahi V Raghava, as long as I am a director. All our team has great actors. It was very easy to work with them as they were all talented. Artist in me is crucial to writers. I would like to thank our heroines Pavani, Jordar Sujatha, and Devayani on this occasion. Thank you so much to all the technicians who worked for this film. It is because of your complete cooperation that we were able to complete the shooting in one year..” he said.

Save the Tigers pre-release event

Cinematographer Vishweshwar Garu said… ‘I have a long friendship with Pradeep. We are better friends than the director and cinematographer. Ever since the Save the Tigers idea had started, we have seen many ups and downs. We have faced many problems regarding the budget. It is very happy to finally reach the hotstar. All the shooting time was funny. Thanks to Pradeep and Mahi for this opportunity. Director Teja is like a younger brother to me. Thank you so much..’ he said.

Music director Ajay said… ‘I have known Pradeep for a very long time. I have never enjoyed any other project as much as I did while doing the background score. I like entire Abhinav and Rohini’s tracks in this film.

Editor Shravan said… I was alone in the room while editing this project. I laughed out loud at every story. Due to this, the work was delayed. I like the Darshi episode in this series. Everyone who watches this series feels like it is their biopic. It will impress everyone..” he said.

Actor Chaitanya Krishna said… ‘Someone tells me a story and tells me about my role. But Pradeep sent me the entire script. When I read the first episode, I felt amazing. Looks like top-class writing. And in every house, women are the upper hand. Females are the most powerful. And this series is very hilarious. Lately, serial thrillers are coming more and more. But they keep smiling for a long time while watching this..” he said.

Heroine Devyani said… ‘Thank you so much to Pradeep and Mahi Raghava for giving me this opportunity. It was a pleasure to work with Chaitanya. All my co-artists are very supportive. They were very helpful till the completion of the project. Our cameraman has shown well… you all will like this series’ she said.

Writers Vijay and Karthik said… ‘We started writing before Covid. Many scenes in this story happened in our life. Especially we have shared many scenes with Pradeep. We thank Mahi V Raghava, Pradeep, director Teja, technicians, and artists for giving us this opportunity..” they said.

Actor Abhinav Gomtam said… ‘This is the first time to work with so many actors after the movie “E Nagaraniki Emyndi”. Leaving aside our sequence… Many artists have worked in all the other series. We shared our scenes with them. We used to have a lot of fun if we got a shot gap. Also, all the schedules are well-planned. I like Priyadarshi and Sujatha’s tracks very much. Krishna and Devyani’s track is very honest..” he said.

Actress Pavani said.. ‘I like Priyadarshi and Sujatha’s episode. Also, the track between Abhinav and Rohini is very good. We are all connected like a family with this series. After watching the preview, there was an overwhelming response. I am happy to be a part of such a good project..” she said.

Actress Sujatha said… ‘Salute to Mahi Raghava, Pradeep, Director Teja, and Cameraman Vishwagari. When I heard this story, I thought it would be very easy. But don’t know how it was projected. Happy to launch my first series at your hands. A lot of freedom was given in all matters. Thank you so much for giving me such a good opportunity. My co-artist Priyadarshi has co-operated a lot..” she said.

Actor Priyadarshi said… ‘I don’t have much to say. The premiere of this series got an amazing response. We made everyone cry hard with laughter. This movie made us laugh very much. Happy to be a part of this project. All the shooting was very fun. Along with Pradeep, Vijay, and Karthik have written brilliantly. Mahi garu inspires me a lot. I am very proud to have done such a project..” he said.

Priyadarshi, Sujatha, Abhinav Gotam, Pavani, Chaitanya Krishna, Devayani, Rohini, Saddam, Gangavva, Venu Tillu, and others have acted in this series which is going to be streamed from the 27th of this month.

Technical Crew
Creators: Mahi V Raghava, Pradeep Advaitaham
Editor : Shravan Katikaneni
Cinematographer: S.V. Vishveshwar
Costume Designer: Hyndavi Suda
PR: GSK Media
Writers: Pradeep Advaitaham, Vijay, Karthik
Directed by: Teja Kakumanu

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