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Sairam Shankar comes back with Veyi Daruvey.

The lead actors in Naveen Reddy’s film Vey Daruvey are Sai Ram Shankar and Yasha Sivakumar. The movie is being produced by Devaraj Potturu under the Sai Teja Entertainments brand and is being shown by Shankar Pictures. Ramanaidu Studios in Hyderabad hosted a puja ceremony to kick off the movie. The event’s main visitor, hero Sharwanand, applauded as the muhuratam scene was filmed on the protagonists as Allari Naresh turned on the camera. Director Hero Vishwak Sen is also an honorary member.

Sai Ram Shankar, stated After “SR Kalyana Mandapam,” Devaraj Pottur produced “Vey Daruvey” in collaboration with Shankar Pictures. “I feel fortunate to have a story with such body language following Bumper Offer movie. The word “mass” comes from the song “Vey Daruveytitle. For me, this romantic drama with action and sentiment will be excellent. Kasi Garu is playing the part of a parent in this film, and there are many artists like Posani, Sapthagiri, and many others,” the film’s director, Naveen Reddy, stated. Good technicians have also been working with them. At the ceremony were the producer, actor Akash Puri, and Kodi Divya Deepthi.

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