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Review of the film Virupaksha. Sai Dharam Tej excels in this gripping supernatural horror production.

Beginning in 1978, we see a couple engaging in dark magic and offering a young girl as a sacrifice to the gods for whatever cause in the small town of Rudravanam. The couple is prevented from killing their daughter by the townspeople, who then burn them alive as punishment for their horrific acts. The woman curses that everyone in the village will die in 12 years as she passes away. However, the townspeople sent the couple’s son away to an orphanage outside of the hamlet and exiled him there.

In 1991, while the village is in need of a noble cause, we see Surya (Sai Dharam Tej), his friend, and his mother come to Rudravanam. They remain for the village’s Modamamba festival, and it is during this time that Surya first meets Nandini (Samyuktha), the daughter of Sarpanch Harishchandra Prasad (Rajiv Kanakala). He falls in love with her, but when the time comes for him to go back to the city, things go wrong.

A villager passes away while he or she lies at the goddess’ feet in the sanctum sanctorum, just as the festival is about to start. The people are forbidden from leaving Rudravanam for eight days in order to purify the village because this is regarded as a bad omen.

But soon after, a number of further fatalities occur, and it is Nandini who is ultimately impacted. Surya makes the decision to look into the situation. Who in the village is doing black magic? Will Surya succeed in rescuing Nandini?

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