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Rebel Star Prabhas Special Request To Andhra Pradesh CM

Actor Prabhas is said to have made a specific request to Andhra CM YS Jagan during the Tollywood bigwigs’ meeting with him today. The owners of V Epiq Cinema in Sullurpeta, Nellore, which has the largest multiplex screen in South Asia, shut down the shutters two weeks ago. The reason behind this is their inability to operate theaters under the state government’s new restrictions.

Talking about it, Prabhas approached Jagan on behalf of his friends who run the V multiplex and requested him to reconsider his ticket pricing decision. The multiplex features a Dolby Atmos sophisticated 3D surround system as well as a 106-foot-long screen with a total seating capacity of 676 people. Prabhas believes that pricing major multiplexes the same as other theaters is unethical. He recommended that the prices of tech-savvy theater be reviewed.

However, after patiently listening to the ticket price difficulties and other issues, Jagan is said to have decided that the controversial matters will be discussed during the committee meeting. Other than restoring five shows, the CM has not given any assurances. It is also understood that no decision on ticket prices was reached before the end of the conference.

As a result of Jagan’s conclusion, theaters will only have two classes, and officials have reportedly refused to comment on the situation because the case is still in court.

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