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Performance HIT the storyline in its second case

Story : KD is tested by the brutal murder of a young girl named Sanjana. KD discovers that the murderer is a serial killer who preys on anonymous women. KD searches for the murderer, but he is hampered by the circumstances. Who is the murderer? What is the motivation behind the murder? The plot of HIT The Second Case revolves around KD apprehending the murderer and rescuing his girlfriend Aarya (Meenakshi Chaudhary).

Performances : Adivi Sesh is familiar with the setup and genre. As a result, he becomes at ease in the role of KD. He, too, has little to contend with. He moves with ease. Sesh’s girlfriend, Meenakshi Chaudhary, does well. However, until the climax, her role has little to do with the proceedings. Varsha, played by Komalee Prasad, is noticed. She’s a member of the investigation team. Rao Ramesh plays KD’s boss, a senior police officer. He is cast in a cliched role. Rao Ramesh, on the other hand, fits the part and delivers. Suhas is cast in a disguised role. He excels in his role. Maganti Srinath is okay, as is SP Abhilash, who aids the investigation. Posani is regarded as a journalist. He is cast in a blink-and-miss role. The victim’s father is played by Tanikella Bharani. Sailesh, the director, plays a pub owner. There are several references to Vikram Rudraraju (Vishwak Sen). Nani, who also happens to be the film’s producer, makes a surprise appearance as Arjun Sarkar near the end.


Sailesh opts for a simple mystery crime thriller. He delivers exactly what is expected of him. Not more, not less. as an an an an an an an a. The direction is adequate. Manikandan’s visuals are stunning. The background score by John Stewart is intense and works in the film’s favor. Urike Urike’s romantic number is excellent. This serious film provides minor relief. The editing is excellent.

Cast – Adivi Sesh, Meenakshi Chaudhary, Tanikella Bharani, Rao Ramesh & Others Director – Sailesh Kolanu Producer – Nani, Prashanti Tipirneni Banner – Wall Poster Cinema Music – M. M. Srilekha, Suresh Bobbili

Key Positive: Portions of the Adivi Sesh Investigation A few twists

Negative Points : The gory scenes Rushed conclusion.

Bottom line: Passtime Thriller that cannot be missed.

Rating: 3/5

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