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People used to question Radhika Apte’s IQ, saying that “actresses are equated with dumb women.”

When it comes to how their bodies are portrayed on TV or how people generally view their intelligence, Radhika Apte has been outspoken about how actors are viewed in the public eye. The actress recently spoke candidly in an exclusive interview with DNA on the sorry state of performers’ public image and whether reforms are occurring quickly enough.

When discussing how, in recent years, the importance of appearance as a criterion for prominent roles in Indian cinema has gradually decreased, Radhika remarks, “There are various-looking actors who are coming up, and that is great. In the end, it comes down to your appearance and performance. That is how it must be. The actress claims that when seeking out their leading actors, directors and casting directors frequently confuse charisma with beauty. ” People confuse charisma with attractiveness, yet the opposite is true. It’s not just about your nose, lips, and cheeks; it’s also about your charm and your ability to keep the audience’s attention. That’s what counts most, she says.

Naturally, Radhika concurs that the pressure from society to “look a certain way” is worse for actresses. Despite some adjustments, according to Radhika, they are not entirely adequate. “Women have always been objectified and placed in a bracket where they need to look a certain way,” she continues. Now, we’re working to change that while still trying to create newer moulds using outdated techniques.

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