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On March 10, ‘Nathicharami’ Will Be Available on 20 OTT Platforms

The lead actors in Nagu Gavara’s ‘Nathicharami’ are Arvind Krishna, Poonam Kaur, and Sandesh Buri. The film is produced by Jai Vaishnavi K of A Studio 24 Frames and is presented by Shrilaxmi Enterprises.

The movie’s trailer was recently released, and it has received a lot of positive feedback. On March 10, after all legalities have been completed, the film will be released on 20 platforms. The ones include Amazon Prime Video, Hungama, Sony, Tata Sky, Airtel Xtreme, MX Player, and others. The cast and crew of the film met with the media today to discuss the film and its upcoming release.

The lead actors were mentioned by director Nagu Gavara, who commended their abilities. “This is a film with compelling settings, thought-provoking conversation, and outstanding acting.” The trend of many Indians migrating to the United States for greener pastures began in earnest at the turn of the century. Our film depicts what a family went through as a result of the Y2K crisis. This is a crime drama with a family at its heart. The story is inspired by genuine events. Any story may be made more powerful with the help of a talented performer.

 When I was writing Sreelatha, the character, all I could think of was Poonam Kaur. In her acting career, she has played a wide range of characters. She is a dedicated actress. The topic of our film will appeal to everyone. Poonam Kaur’s character will stay with you for a long time. Prabhakar is a character played by Arvind Krishna. His portrayal is understated. He’ll gain a lot of fame as a result of this film. Please watch ‘Nathicharami’ on OTT platforms on March 10,” he added.

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