No one understands film like Dhanush, says R. Balki.

RBalki and Anurag both spoke at length during the panel discussion about how much they adore Ilaiyaraaja’s soundtrack and how they think Moondram Pirai is one of the best films Indian cinema has ever made. According to Balki, “I watch more Tamil films than people here do because I have a connection with the South.” He continued by saying how exceptional he thought Dhanush was.

Nobody understands film as well as Dhanush, he declared. He is a fantastic writer, and I always admire him greatly. Additionally, performers like Suriya and Vijay Sethupathi are excellent.

Balki claimed that situations that defy reality serve as his sources of inspiration. To quote him, “I draw inspiration from things that I wish they were rather than from what they are.”

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