“No Films for 5 Years, But Still!” Shah Rukh Khan surpasses Brad Pitt to become the fourth-richest actor in the world.

Shah Rukh Khan is the only Indian actor to appear on the list of the world’s eight richest actors, which was published by the World of Statistics Twitter account. Shah Rukh Khan is presently ranked number four on the wildly popular list of the world’s wealthiest actors, after Jerry Seinfeld, Tyler Perry, and Dwayne Johnson. Tom Cruise, Jackie Chan, George Clooney, and Robert De Niro are in the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth spots, respectively, after Shah Rukh Khan.

Shah Rukh Khan reportedly has 770 million dollars in his bank account right now, which is only $30 million less than The Rock, a well-known actor and former WWE champion. As admirers try to figure out his net worth, the list has been receiving some fascinating reactions on social media, particularly Reddit. He makes significant real estate investments, and Red Chilli Entertainment is doing well, according to one user. And sure, a sizable portion of his wealth comes from Kr. As of right now, it is valued at over $1 billion.

Someone else said, “Wait.” He was always portrayed to me as being the second-richest actor in the world. “What changed, and when?”

The most intriguing aspect is that SRK made it into the top 5 richest actors in the world despite not acting in a single movie for the past five years.

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