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Natural Start Nani’s Makeover will be a Highlight in Dasara Film

Natural Star Nani to portray the tough role of Dharani in the movie Dasara, under Sikanth Odela’s directorial debut. Nani underwent a total makeover for this movie. He will be shown speaking in Telangana slang, drinking alcohol, smoking beedis, and other things.

In keeping with the character design, Nani has a dark complexion, and he had to spend hours each day doing makeup. Every day, he was required to apply 4 layers of makeup, which took an hour. He also needed to spend an additional hour taking off the makeup. He found it extremely exhausting to spend so much time applying and removing makeup. The other challenging part was shooting the movie in dusty locations and in freezing temperatures.

The film is being produced on a large scale by Sudhakar Cherukuri, and Keerthy Suresh is starring as the female protagonist. For the film, Santosh Narayanan produced a chart-topping album, and the first three songs that were made public received rave reviews.

On March 30, Dasara will be released across all of India.

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