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Mohan Babu’s Son of India Movie Review: A Message Oriented Suspense Thriller

The film Son of India, starring senior idol Mohan Babu in the lead role, got released in theatres today. After a long time, Mohan Babu will be seen in a leading role in a film. Continue reading to find out if Mohan Babu succeeds in this experimental film.

The narrative of Son of India begins with Kadiyam Babji (Mohan Babu), a driver who kidnaps Union Minister Mahendra Bhupati (Srikant). He doesn’t stop there, though. He also kidnaps two more significant individuals. Ira (Pragya Jaiswal), an NIA officer, steps into the action to figure out why the kids are being kidnapped and to save them. During this time, she discovers that the kidnapper is Kadiyam Babji, her coworker and driver. She also discovers that Kadiyam Babji is not who he claims to be, and that his real name is Virupaksha. The plot of Son of India is around why Virupaksha became Kadiyam Babji and why he is kidnapping powerful people.

Experimental narration Worked Well: 

As the makers of Son of India have stated from the beginning, this is an experimental film. Only Mohan Babu is visible for the most of the film. Despite the presence of well-known actors like as Pragya Jaiswal, Srikant, Raja Ravindra, and others, only their voices are heard throughout. Their faces are only revealed in a few scenes. As a result, there isn’t much in this experimental film for the rest of us. Mohan Babu’s performance is basically a “One Man Show.”

Screenplay and direction:

Because this is an experimental film, the storyline and direction are crucial. Diamond Ratna Babu has written a more engaging screenplay because the plot has echoes of previous films. In the event of experimental narration, even greater caution should have been exercised. While the movie’s purpose is admirable, it lacks the necessary intensity in few s. While some sequences succeed in impressing the audience, many others do not.


As previously stated, Mohan Babu’s film Son of India is a one-man performance. He has also contributed to the script in addition to performing the starring part. In some situations, his dialogue is fantastic. However, Diamond Ratna Babu fully utilised Mohan Babu. Another highlight of the film Son of India is hearing Ilayaraja’s music for the first time in a long time. The cinematography of Sarvesh Murari is in sync with the film’s experimental narrative. The film’s production quality aren’t on par with those of a Mohan Babu film because it was made for OTT only. Regardless, fans of Mohan Babu and other audience may be pleased to see their favourite actor in a leading role after such a long period.

Cinema World Masti’s Rating For Son of India movie: 3/5

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