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Mahesh babu has returned to work and lately completed a print shoot for a soft drink. He will shortly begin work on the second schedule of his next film, directed by trivikram Srinivas, in Hyderabad. The current news regarding his design with ss rajamouli, on the other hand, is in the captions for a crazy update. Ss rajamouli is uniting with Mahesh babu on the design, which will be a time-traveling adventure drama. The script for the film is presently being written by rajamouli’s father, novelist vijayendra prasad. According to the current information, the film will utmost likely begin production in May or June of 2023.

Vijayendra prasad lately blazoned that he and rajamouli’s kinsman ss kanchi are working on the script. Suckers are eager to learn further about the design, but they will have to stay until next year for some juicy details. While we formerly know the film will be in the tone of Indiana jones, as mentioned by the director himself, we can’t stay for the product to begin. Still, once the filming is over, the post-production work will take a significant quantum of time, conceivably up to two times, birthright to the film’s high-quality computer plates and visual goods. Given the kidney, the film will be shot at a variety of places all around the world. Meanwhile, there was speculation that rajamouli wanted Chris Hemsworth to appear in the film in a key part. The avenger actor lately participated in his Alzheimer’s complaint opinion and intention to spend further time with family. The design’s specifics have yet to be released. Ss rajamouli has a distinct system of publicizing the picture. He schedules a press conference only when he is ready to begin filming and constantly gives all of the pivotal rudiments and plot generalities. The film, dubbed ssmb 29, will be produced by kl Narayan of Durga arts. Other details about the film will be revealed before the product begins.

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