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KRK makes fun of the Pushpa 2 poster for Allu Arjun and claims, “The poster doesn’t look at all of…”

When the fans anxiously awaited to see Pushpa 2 once more, Allu Arjun posted the Pushpa 2 poster online, and it quickly became popular. The Pushpa 2 trailer is amazing and will compel you to watch the movie as soon as possible, even though the audience is going crazy about the poster. The trailer does an amazing job of introducing Pushpa. The internet has been ruled by Pushpa in style. Although Kamaal R Khan, a self-described critic in Bollywood, made fun of Allu Arjun’s Pushpa 2 and questioned whether it was Pushpa 2, Laxmi 2, or Kanchana 2.

There is a striking resemblance between the goddess Kaali Maa and Allu Arjun in the poster’s depiction of him in a new avatar. However, audiences’ expectations were different, and many wanted to see the same old Pushpa this time around, including KRK. As a result, the poster’s natural appearance is perfect, and comparing it to other movies would be unfair. The movie’s poster and trailer, which were made public a day before the birthday of Allu Arjun, are the ideal birthday present for followers.

We are incredibly eager to see Pushpa rule now that he is back.

The makers of Pushpa 2 also released the Hindi-dubbed trailer, the original swagger is back, much to the delight of the Hindi audience. This time, Allu Arjun has improved. The Pushpa 2 teaser depicts Pushpa’s delight as he runs away, but the part that caught viewers’ attention the most was when the Tiger turned around after spotting a man approaching. It turned out to be Pushpa, and here is how the crowd greeted him upon his return. Indeed, no other actor could have displayed this swag, which explains why Pushpa’s fever won’t go away any time soon.

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