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‘Jayamma Panchayathi’: Song, ‘Baagundi Kada,’ has been released

The film, which stars Suma Kanakala as the protagonist, will be released on April 22. The news is that Aditya Music has released a song from the film called “Baagundi Kada. 

“The friendship song, composed by MM Keeravaani, tells the storey of the titular character’s youth. Chandrabose wrote the song, which is sung by Anirudh Suswaram and Neelima Shankula. In the setting of the film, the melody is nostalgic in nature and appears to build up the universe of Suma’s character with a poetic touch.

Director Vijay Kumar Kalivarapu wrote the storey, screenplay, and dialogues for the film, which was financed by Balaga Prakash. The entertainer has Anush Kumar’s cinematography and Ravi Teja Girijala’s editing. Art direction was done by Dhanu Andhluri.

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