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Is this video during the time of the train accident? Netizens are serious about the Telugu comedian’s tweet.

Approximately 300 passengers perished after three trains collided in Odisha on Friday. Everyone in the nation, including Prime Minister Modi, has expressed sorrow over the accident. These terrifying images can be found all over social media. Rahul Ramakrishna, a well-known comedian, has come under fire for his tweets in these circumstances. This is a result of the stunts he posted in front of the train. Internet users voiced their outrage at these videos being tweeted in such circumstances.

Videos of actor Buster Keaton’s stunt in front of a train for the Hollywood film Silent have gone viral. Netizens concurred that it was pointless to post such acts when thousands of families drowned in a sea of sorrow and hundreds of people perished. Rahul Ramakrishna took them out after he realized his mistake. Furthermore, he expressed regret.

He expressed regret for the tweet he sent. He claimed to be unaware of the train tragedy in Odisha. He claimed that he started writing the script around midnight. He once again apologized and said that this error was caused by the fact that he did not watch the news. The internet community received his apologies as well.

In the Balasore area of Odisha, three trains collided, killing about 300 passengers. According to the government, more than 300 Andhra Pradesh citizens took the Coromandel Express to Hawda. Twenty of the 267 passengers on the Coromandel had minor wounds.

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