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Is “Adipurush” Still Saveable? Om Raut’s “Biggest Disaster” Can Still Be Redeemed in These Ways.

Although Adipurush is expected to be the biggest Bollywood release ever, it is unclear if it will also be the highest-grossing Hindi film.

Prabhas was expected to become a pan-Indian sensation, but when the movie’s teaser was released, everyone just started criticizing it mercilessly.

The facial expressions were uninteresting, the animation was abjectly bad, there were issues with the character’s attire, and the director’s entire philosophy and conviction failed to connect with the general public.

However, Om Raut postponed the movie by 5 months, and people are hoping that changes will be made and the movie will do well.

The actors, animation, and sequences in the movie cannot be changed no matter what the filmmakers do because these three components cost the most money, and producer Bhushan Kumar has already spent more than Rs 500 crore on the movie.

Adipurush’s creators can still make modifications to the following regions and components, nonetheless, in order to rescue the movie:

1. Dialogue

Adipurush’s dialogues were written by Manoj Muntashir, who is a renowned author who has contributed to numerous successful songs and stories, including Baahubali parts 1 and 2.

Almost all movies these days are dubbed, and Adipurush is a pan-Indian picture, thus it mainly relies on its lines. If the animation cannot get much better, the dialogue most certainly can.

Together, the writer and the director should work to enhance the conversation in the movie so that it can carry a scene when the visuals are unable to do so.

2. Promotions

Pre-production for Adipurush has long since left the dock, and we are all aware of the high cost of animation and visual effects labor.

Many movies have been able to recover their money by using this tactic since if there was a ding in the pre-production, the makers can easily fix it in the post-production.

The Adipurush team will need to come up with some novel ideas and organize the publicity campaigns to reach the widest audience possible.

3. Budget

Making technical modifications to the movie now would be incredibly challenging because what’s done is done.

However, if Om Raut can persuade the producers to slightly increase their budget and go all out with their conviction and Prabhas’s star power, they can enhance in practically every area, and the result would be significantly more pleasing than what we saw in the teaser.

It is still a far-fetched plan that solely depends on the producers, but the creators still have time and only need a little extra cash to improve the animation and images.

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