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Hrithik Roshan talks about Fighter, Krrish 4, Jadoo, War 2, and more exclusively for us: “We are using actual fighter jets to shoot.”

Hrithik Roshan has always had a unique relationship with the month of January. It’s not just his birthday month; it’s also the month of Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai, his acting debut. Hrithik has gained the love of audiences all over the world during his 23-year career in the Indian film industry. Just one day before his birthday, the actor had a heart-to-heart conversation with the author in an exclusive fan-led chat where he answered all of his fans’ queries and addressed their issues.

Hrithik Roshan discusses “Fighter” and his character Patty in detail.

Hrithik revealed that he is presently investigating his fighter character, Patty. “Because Patty is a little younger than Kabir, this is quite intriguing. Patty is youthful, impulsive, and angry, whereas Kabir is far more developed and composed. I get angry with stuff that I don’t personally find offensive. I find it to be an interesting place because I can recall having similar experiences there. In spite of my degree of evolution, I now have to play this role,” he says.

He quickly adds that it was an amazing experience to film “Fighter” in Assam. “We are using genuine fighter jets for our firing.” In a Sukhoi, we recently shot “Being in the vicinity of the Indian Air Force has been incredibly inspiring. Their body language, manners, discipline, courage, and intelligence all teach us a lot. I’m delighted I got to personally experience that,” he says with a smile.

Following the 2019 hit movie War, Hrithik and Siddharth Anand will reunite in the 2024 Republic Day film Fighter.

Hrithik Roshan shares an update about Krrish 4 and War 2.

Hrithik will reportedly reprise his role as Kabir in the War sequel to Fighter. He kept it short and sweet when asked if that was the case. “Aditya Chopra is really mysterious; I think you should just infer what’s going on from my expression. I am remaining silent,” he said. However, Hrithik affirmed that the upcoming Krrish film is in production and that fans would learn more about it, perhaps, by the end of this year. “I believe we should all gather and offer a little prayer. Regarding Krrish 4, everything is set, but we are constrained by a little technicality. Hopefully, we’ll get through that before the year is out.” He assures that Krrish 4 is unquestionably in the works and will be released soon.

“Vedha, in my opinion, would make a good spin-off. From Luck, Zafar The spinoff By Chance would also be fantastic.”

The idea of Jadoo returning to the Krrish universe 20 years after Koi Mil Gaya has also been discussed. Hrithik had previously mentioned Jadoo’s possible return. So, has he really returned this time? He adds quickly, “But there is magic,” with a smile, “and you have to see the movie for that.” Hrithik provided a response that will make everyone put on their thinking cap when asked to give one fact and one rumor regarding the narrative of Krrish 4. “Krish loses. Jadoo dies.”

Fans have been speculating on social media that Hrithik would reveal the title of his upcoming movie on his birthday, but Roshan clarifies that he leaves announcements up to his producers. I defer to the producers on these matters. Krrish 4 was discussed; therefore, it is included. “I’ll leave it up to my producers for the rest, and I anticipate making the announcement soon.”

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