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Five reasons to see Viduthalai by Vettri Maaran

Today marks the release of Vettri Maaran’s most recent movie, Viduthalai: Part 1, which won Vettri a National Award. With Soori as the lead and Vijay Sethupathi playing a crucial part, the cast of the movie has already generated enough hype among fans eager to see the filmmaker’s magic on the big screen. These are five reasons to see this movie in theatres that you shouldn’t pass up.

1) A single, 10-minute introduction scene

The movie opens with a 10-minute single-shot action sequence aboard a train, which, according to the production team, is likely to wow viewers. More than 1,000 young actors participated in the roughly 25-day-long rehearsal for this sequence, and the final shot was finished in 2 days.

2) ILAIYARAAJA’S INTRODUCTORY SCORE In addition to the well-received songs by renowned composer Ilaiyaraaja, Isaignani is rumoured to have written a symphony score and recorded it with the Budapest Symphony Orchestra. The team promises that the background music in the dramatic scenes will immerse the viewer.

3) SOORI’S ENCOUNTER WITH VIJAY SETHUPATHIWhile everyone is aware of how Soori has totally converted himself into a character actor following the release of the trailer, many are unaware of a scene in the movie in which Soori encounters Vijay Sethupathi. According to the crew, it will undoubtedly have an impression on the audience because it is believed to occur in a highly unexpected circumstance.

4) Go back to the 1980s to see how people fought for socialist causes. The plot of the movie takes place around 1987, and it depicts the sacrifices young people had to make at that time in order to fight social problems. The present generation, and especially the online activists, will have the opportunity to see how people at the time protested for rights on the streets.

5. The epic climate sequence

According to reports, the action sequence in the movie’s conclusion was shot on a grand scale, on par with mainstream Tamil films featuring A-list actors. The crew claims that it will serve as the ideal prelude to the film’s second act. They also note that this is their third time working with Red Giant Pictures and RS Infotainment.

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