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Does Dil Raju report the screenings of “Balagam” in the countryside to the police?

With its premiere, Tillu Venu’s film “Balagam,” which depicts the ties and kinships of Telangana villages, has received an overwhelmingly positive reception. It has been screened in a number of communities and has resonated with the audience by emphasising the value of family ties. Even those who live in rural areas and cannot visit a theatre are able to relate to the film and draw parallels with their own families, sparking discussions and dialogues about it.

Everyone was caught off guard by the film’s producer, Dil Raj,’s stance on the movie being screened in villages without authorization. According to reports, he complained to the police and wanted talks under the Piracy Act. Currently, a letter related to this police complaint has gone viral on social media.

Speaking of “Balagam,” the movie is striking a chord with a wide audience because of the way it portrays humour, interpersonal interactions, and emotional depth. Viewers in far-flung communities have become particularly interested in the movie’s “quail touching” concept and are now enthusiastically enjoying it. They express their gratitude for the chance to see such a magnificent movie in their village and their appreciation for the life-changing experience it offered.

Nonetheless, some people have criticised Dil Raju for making the decision to contact the police.

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