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Dhamaka Trailer: This Ravi Teja-starring film has all the ingredients for a classic masala comedy.

The Dhamaka trailer, which features hilarious dialogue, intense action scenes, and just the right amount of comedy, is now available on Youtube. The trailer is extremely powerful and was directed by Trinadha Rao Nakkina, who is well known for his entertainment films. One of the most notable aspects of the Dhamaka trailer is the double role that Ravi Teja plays, providing double entertainment.

The story of the movie centers around two characters: Swamy (Ravi Teja), a poor and jobless man living in a slum area, for whom finding at least one job in a month is a difficult task, and Anand Chakravarthy (Ravi Teja again), a multi-millionaire who can employ even 1,000 people in a month.

The interesting part is that the female lead, Sreeleela, is in love with both of the characters in the film. So the trailer also has a romantic component. Even though Swamy and Anand have taken different paths, their destiny has brought them together to battle a mutual enemy.

Although the screenplay is transparent, it is still unclear whether Ravi Teja’s dual roles will excite the audience. With his apparent style, he has always been able to win people over.

Speaking of BGM, Bheems Ceciroleo’s core, especially the Jinthaak beats, gives it an extra kick.

Together, People Media Factory and Abhishek Aggarwal Arts are supporting the upcoming movie Dhamaka, starring Ravi Teja. Prasanna Kumar Bezawada deserves special recognition, particularly for the humorous dialogue in Trivikram that demonstrates the author’s admiration for the film’s ace director.

On December 23, the film will be officially released worldwide!

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