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Debut director touched hearts with his lockdown story.

Namaste Satji is a recent Telugu movie that hit the screen on December 9, 2022. With this movie, Thallada Saikrishna has been introduced to the industry as a director who also plays the lead role. As an anchor, Swapna Chaudhary got a huge following on the small screen. With Namaste Satji, Swapna is introduced to the silver screen as a heroine. Other character artists like Shoban Bogaraju and Chinthala Srinivas are also introduced to the industry. The music director for this movie is Ram Thavva.

Story: The movie shares the difficulties of local Kirana shops during the lockdown. Their hardships and financial difficulties were portrayed beautifully which can touch the viewers’ hearts. In a line, it has one of the best impressions of lockdown and it explains how lives have been impacted.

Technical Aspects: The background score is good, and a few scenes are elevated with a nice composition. The cinematography is neat. The editing is great, as a few scenes in the second hour had shown the difficulties of real life. The production values are great. Coming to director Thallada Saikrishna, has done a great job with his first film. The first half was nicely handled with delightful humor. The narration in the second half details the social issues taken, and hence completeness is found. A solid screenplay with more focus on these topics has placed the movie a level higher.

Verdict: On the whole, Namaste Sateji is a film that has a few enjoyable moments. The lead pair’s performance and the entertainment were good. The movie is having enough emphasis on important issues raising the overall impact. Thus it ends up as a good watch this weekend.

Starring: Thallada Saikrishna, Swapna Chaudhary, Shoban Bogaraju, Chinthala Srinivas, and others Director : Thallada Saikrishna Producer: Thallada Srinivas Music: Ram Thavva Banner: Sri Annapoorna Creations

Rating 3/5.

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