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Darbar, starring Rajinikanth, was a flop, as explained by AR Murugadoss!

As of right now, AR Murugadoss is preparing for the release of the movie “August 16, 1947.” The movie’s producer is also the director, and Gautham Karthik plays the lead. On April 7, the movie opens in theatres.

In 2018, AR Murugadoss last helmed the Rajinikanth and Nayanthara-starring movie “Darbar.” The filmmaker recently discussed a promotional interview with a local YouTube channel in which he highlighted the fundamental cause of “Darbar’s” failure. According to reports, he said that he was pressed for time to complete the film because Rajinkanth had just entered politics on a full-time basis. He wanted to make a great hit while he still had the chance before the star left the movie business.

He admitted that because he was familiar with the writing and filmmaking processes, he created the story for “Darbar” swiftly and that he was overconfident. In the interview, he added that Rajinikanth had intended to start his party in August, therefore Mumbai would be the location for the film’s shooting between March and June. According to reports, the director claimed that he had a limited amount of time to finish the movie and that, in order to meet that deadline, he hurried the entire process. Also, AR Murugadoss made it clear that he wanted Rajinikanth to have success with the film. Before the superstar retired to become a politician, he had the opportunity to direct him, and he did not want to pass it up.

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