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Biopic of ‘Swati’ Weekly Chief Vemuri Balaram Directed by Prabhakar Jaini

Swathi is a sensation in the Telugu press world. It is no exaggeration to say that all Telugu people look forward to ‘Swathi’ book every Thursday. Swati is the only weekly with that level of readership and successfully running for 40 years. Merunagadhir Vemuri Balaram introduced Thursday as Swati week, made readers gods and writers millionaires. Now a biopic is being made on his life. The title of the movie is ‘Swati Balaram – He is an Army’.

Noted writer and director Prabhakar Jaini has signed a biopic on Swati press chief Vemuri Balaram’s ‘Swati Balaram – Thatade Oka Sarjana’. Earlier, ‘Campus Ampasayya’, ‘Pranaya Veedhullo’ and Kaloji Narayana Rao’s biopic ‘Prajakavi Kaloji’ came under his direction. Vijayalakshmi Jaini is producing the biopic of Swati Balaram under the banner of Jaini Creations. Pre-production work is currently underway. The director-producers said that the actors will be selected soon and the film will be taken to the sets.

Director Prabhakar Jaini said about ‘Swati Balaram Atade Oka Ansirya’, “Despite all the criticism from above… every boy who has grown a moustache, every girl who is old enough to tie a parikini, Swati is the only weekly magazine that has been hidden under the pillow for the past forty years. Balaram was the literary champion who entertained everyone with his Navrasala lyrics.

On one occasion when I met Balaram, I gave him an introductory booklet called ‘Na Sahitya Prasthanam’ in words. He read it and was happy to know that I would make films. As an initiative, I showed a video song sung by ‘Vandemataram Srinivas’ on the laptop, saying that I was making a biopic of ‘Kaloji’. He appreciated that it was great. As he asked me to sit next to him, while drinking coffee, a small thought crossed his mind. Hesitating whether to ask them or not,

‘Sir! Let’s take your biopic’ I said.

When he told me some incidents of his life flashed before my eyes. Although he has achieved many successes in his life… there are more tragedies than them. From 27 May 1970 till date, he has been working continuously to bring Swati to this level. People need to know all this.

With the experience of making biographies like ‘Campus – Ampasayya’ and ‘Prajakavi Kaloji’, I made this proposal with the belief that I can make this film as well. At that time, other things like cost were not thought of. I put out the thought in my mind. I also felt that I had taken too much milk. Because, I had no such idea even before that moment. But, I got that idea because of the positive vibrations I felt in his presence. He also thought for five minutes and consulted with his inner self and said ok.

Everyone knows about Balaram’s philanthropy. That’s why, ‘I will not take even a single rupee from you for the film.’ I put an important condition. He was surprised and said, ‘Until now everyone has used me, baby! You say so. OK!’ Said.

Thus, many discussions were held then and thereafter. I have collected many details about him. I recorded a song that reflected his personality and life and played it to them. After that, we completed a schedule of shooting in Varintlo, office, Kodali and Ghantasala in Vijayawada for two or three days.

Now for the rest of the shooting we are looking for actors who look like Vemuri Balaram in his youth and middle age. Some people came. To be finalized from them. Aspiring actors can send their profiles, audition videos to mail id. I think this is a miracle. We are confident that it will turn out to be a wonderful spectacle,” he said.

‘Swati Balaram Atade Oka Sargiya’ Editor: Ravikumar Kondaveeti, Studio: Dream Studio, Lyrics: Prabhakar Jaini, Camera: Tirupati Reddy Kota, Music: Sridhar Atreya, Banner: Jaini Creations, Producer: Vijayalakshmi Jaini, Director: Prabhakar Jaini.#PrabhakarJaini #SwathiBalaram

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