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Batch Part-1 Movie Review: A Modern Youthful Entertainer

Batch movie which got released today is becoming a buzz in social media with youthful entertaining elements such as love, romance and betting. Directed by E. Shiva and produced by Ramesh Ganamajji, Batch movie is getting good responses from around both telugu states.

Movie Plot:

Navin, Umesh and Ramesh are best friends. Navin meets Pranathi in college and they fall in love. While Ramesh and Umesh are dating Madhu and Asha. To earn more money to enjoy life, they choose betting as a best option. Afterwards they take a loan from another person for betting and they lose that money in betting. Rest of the movie is about how they manage to clear the loan? Will they repay the loan or not?


Today, most of the youngsters are getting addicted to betting and they believe betting is the best and the easiest way to make money. Batch movies are an eye-opener for those people, relieving the consequences of betting. Hence, the plot of the film is very good. Director has handled every scene very well. The audience will enjoy every scene of the movie for sure.

The music provided by Kunche Raghu and cinematography of Venkat Mannam is a plus for the movie. The actors such as Sathvik Varma, Neha Pathan, Prabhakar, Mirchi Madhavi, Sandhya Janak and others delivered their performance in the movie.

Cinema World Masti’s Rating: 3.5/5

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