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As an assistant director, Nani recalls being mistreated and humiliated on the set.

The release of Nani’s all-Indian flick, Dasara, is approaching. The actor mentioned his experience as an assistant director for Telugu movies in a recent interview, recalling how the crew frequently teased him. Before landing his big break as the movie’s main character, Nani worked as an assistant director in many movies. The actor Shyam Singha Roy said that he would suppress his rage when mistreated since he was pursuing a higher ambition, and that was what kept him going.

Nani recounted in a conversation with Bollywood Bubble: “They use a lot of curse words on you when you’re an assistant director. especially if you are the final assistant or the assistant who claps. Everyone believes they can say whatever they want to you, yet you are someone who constantly imagines what you want to be when you grow up. You can return it or give it back, but you must keep it. As opposed to just reacting on that day, at that precise instant, there is a broader dream.” According to Nani, individuals will verbally harass an assistant for even the smallest offenses, and they will not refrain from calling them names even if they do not have the same authority as them.

The Jersey actor claimed he “never felt terrible because of the swear words,” but he was devastated when a director made fun of him in front of everyone on the set and declared that he would never succeed as a director. “When a director told me I’d never be a director, that’s when I truly felt horrible. He called and stated, “Mark my words, you will never become a director; you don’t have it in you.” in front of everyone. I felt horrible. So someone cursing at you is OK, but someone hitting on your goal is quite challenging, he revealed.

While all of these occurrences “happened back-to-back,” according to Nani, he can still bear the pain they caused him at the time. “All of it is nothing in comparison to what I have right now. So, I am grateful. I can endure it two more times and still take pleasure in this,” “said the actor.

Dasara, the movie starring Nani and Keerthy Suresh, hits theaters on March 30.

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