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‘Arangetram’ releasing on May 5 as a commercial movie will give good theatrical experience to the audience: Director Srinivas Prabhan

Roshan. Mustafa Askari, Srinivas Prabhan, Anirudh. Pooja, Laya, Indu, Sai Sri, Srivalli, Kirtana, Sattipandu, Kotesh Manav. The movie ‘Arangetram’ is being made as actors. The film is being produced by Maheshwari K under the banner of Mahi Media Works under the direction of Srinivas Prabhan. The pre-release event of this movie, which is going to be released on May 5, was held at Hyderabad Prasad Labs on Wednesday. 

Director Srinivas Prabhan said, “Our ‘Arangetram’ movie is a pure commercial movie. But goes with the psycho based concept. There will be a good family back drop and a good love story. There is also a crime element that links them. There will be songs, fights and comedy. The film revolves around six girls and three boys. I had to act in this unexpectedly. Each character is designed in a unique way. All the actors have acted very well. With their support, we completed the film on time. Although it is a small film, there is no compromise in the making. Although we do not have the financial stamina to actually release the film, we are coming to the theaters with the belief that the media and audience will support good films. They will support our movie. Thanks to our producer Maheshwari garu, co-producer Vijayalakshmi garu, our executive producer Mahesh garu. Our music director Gideon Kattagaru has provided excellent music. Thanks to everyone including Roshan, Mustafa, Anirudh. We hope that the audience watching our film on May 5 will come out with a good feeling,” he said.

Producer Maheshwari K said, “Our ‘Arangetram’ movie has done very well. Coming to you in theaters on May 5. We hope that the audience will bless it,” she said.

Co-producer Vijaya Lakshmi said, “We are coming to you with the movie ‘Arangetram’ on May 5 with the belief that you will follow a good concept movie. The movie did very well. They will definitely like it.”

Music director Gideon Katta said, “I have worked as a composer for the Movie Mantra in the past. There is a long journey in the industry. It is known that the beginning is called ‘Arangetram’. This is a re-entry for me. I think it will give good success to my life. Every scene keeps the audience hooked. The entire team along with me worked very hard. It will be a movie that will give a good experience to the audience coming to the theatres” he said.

Mustafa said that I did a good role in my debut movie. Roshan acted in my childhood role. Everyone acted brilliantly. Thanks to director Srinivas Prabhan garu and music director Gideon Katta garu.

Anirudh said, “I am making my debut as an actor with this ‘Arangetram’ movie. Thanks Gopi garu and Salim garu. And our director Srinivas garu encouraged and got a good output. Thanks to our producer. Our director made this movie with great passion. It will be released on May 5,” he said.

Roshan said, “Like in Virupaksha, I played a different role in ‘Arangetram’. Thanks to our director Srinivasgari and our producers for giving us a good role. Thanks to our team. The movie will be released on May 5,” he said.

Also, the actors and technicians who participated in the program wanted to support the film and thanked the director and producers.

Actors: Roshan.Z, Mustafa Askari, Srinivas Prabhan, Anirudh.T, Laya, Indu, Srivalli, Vijaya, Saishri, Jabardast Sattipandu etc.

Technical Crew:

Written and Directed by: Srinivas Prabhan
Producer: Maheshwari.K
Banner: Mahi Media Works
Music: Gideon Katta
Cinematography: Buran Sheikh (Salim)
Editor : Madhu
Production Designer: Ramesh Babu Chinnam (Gopi)
Costumes: Raab Chi
Stunts: Star Malli
Dialogues: Srinivas Prabhan
Lyrics: Sanjay G
Choreography: Anna Raj

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